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You will never need to buy another game again! Don't worry about the kids breaking or scratching a disk so they no longer work. I offer the Xk3y Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) that allows you to run Xbox 360 games from hard disk. There are games for everyone! And they aren't game demos but full featured, popular Xbox 360 games. You select the games from a menu and then the Xk3y Optical Drive Emulator 'inserts' the game into the emulated game drive and you can run it from there. I have then in stock and can mod most Xbox 360's in less than a day so you can play all the games you would ever want. My mod service includes: 1) Xk3y for Xbox 360 2) Extraction of the drive key 3) Your choice of drive size and number of games 4) Installation of the Xk3y into your Xbox 360 5) Free quarterly game refreshes for the 1st year so you can stay current with the latest games (small charge after the 1st year) Game Packages --------------------- Starter - 500GB (62 games) - $240 Single - 2TB (247 games) - $300 Double - 3TB (370 games) - $350 Triple - 4TB (496 games) - $400 Home Run - 6TB (2x 3TB - 740 games) - $500 Grand Slam - 8TB (2x 4TB - all 780 games, room for almost xxxx) - $600 If you don't want a drive or games the cost is $150 for the xk3y and installation. Optional Screen dongle (allows you to select games from a hardware screen attached to the Xbox) - $50 Optional USB hub+Wifi dongle+Screen dongle (allows you to select games from an Android device or iPod/iPad) - $100 Optional partial RGH Drive key extraction needed for Xbox 360 slims manufactured after July of xxxx - $80 The installation process takes about half a day and most people drop off their system one day and pick it up the next day. You will get back a modded Xbox 360 that has the Xk3y Optical Drive Emulator installed and the hard disk of your choice loaded with whatever games you would like. ** Note that you can still play regular disc games as well as go online Don't settle for a mod that you have to keep taking your Xbox apart for as new dashboard updates come out. Email to schedule getting your Xbox 360 modded so it can play all the cool games. This is even compatible with the Kinect. Drives are new and come with a full manufacturer warranty and are in a gorgeous case. Please email for details. References are available!