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FREE softmod with drive purchase!!!Keep your entire family happy for years - you will never need to buy another game again! Don't worry about the kids breaking or scratching a disks.I have the largest Wii game collection in the world on hard disks that you can connect to your Wii and run games from. Email me for details and I will send the complete list of games.Below is a video that shows how it all works together: are games for the younger kids, games for the older kids and games for the parents even tons of games the entire family can play together.The full Wii games run from an insanely cool menu system. For younger kids that don't read yet - they can just select the game they want from the visual menu. There are parental controls and the ability to show games based on the ESRB rating or category like sports or racing etc.If your Wii is not softmodded I will do it for free. Unlike others I can Softmod ANY Wii - red, white, blue, black with any system menu - (3.x-4.3).Don't settle for a Softmod of just the Homebrew channel as other do. My Softmods include the Homebrew channel, all custom IOS's needed to play the games and a perfectly matched system that is protected from Nintendo updates that could brick you Wii.You can even copy your own games to the hard disk so you will always stay current with the latest Wii games (Just Dance 4, Madden 13, Brave, Men In Black, Lego Batman 2, The Amazing Spiderman, Pikmin 2, Mario Party 9, Mario & Sonic at the xxxx Olympic Games, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Family Game Night 1-4, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and a lot more! I offer 5 different game packages:Intro - 32GB (10-15 Wii games) - $75Starter - 500GB (250 Wii games) - $130Standard - 2TB (xxxx Wii games) - $200Super - 3TB (xxxx Wii games, 724 Wiiware, 40,000 old console games) - $275Ultimate 4TB (xxxx Wii games, 574 GameCube games, 724 Wiiware, 40,000 old console games) - $350All are in stock! Email and get your Wii setup today!